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Educators/Adults Register Classes/Groups/Teams of Students.

When selecting the READBowl Conference for your class, please use this guide:

Primary Conference - Grades Pre-K thru 2

Big 3 Conference - Grades 3

Elementary Conference - Grades 4 thru 5

Middle Conference - Grades 6 thru 8

Educator Certification:

  • With my registration, I certify that I am the teacher of students within grades Pre-K thru 8 participating in READBowl '20, a national reading competition hosted by Share the Magic Foundation. I agree to abide by all of the rules, instructions, and guidelines of READBowl and certify that the information I submit in the Playbook during the competition will be accurate.  
  • Additionally, I certify that any photos, video/audio recordings, or stories that I voluntarily share with Read with Malcolm and/or Share the Magic Foundation are of students participating in READBowl who have permission forms on file at my school from their parents and/or guardians granting permission for the student to be photographed or recorded and granting permission for the photographs, recordings, and/or stories to be shared with, and further used and publicly displayed by, Read with Malcolm and/or Share the Magic Foundation as well as news media outlets. 

Make sure you review your info before you hit register!