Message from Malcolm

Instructions for Team Set Up Below

How to Add Students and Set Up Teams

Register your whole team/class for the same race or register individual members of your team for the race that suits them.

Video Tutorial: How to Register and Add Students

  1. Go to “Add Students.”
  2. To add individual student(s) one by one, fill in the fields under “Add Single Student.”
  3. To add large groups of students, click “Upload CSV”
  4. Download the CSV Template. Fill in the CSV fields and save the document
  5. Return to “Add a student.” Select the team you wish to upload the kids to via dropdown.
  6. Note: The CSV must include the race for each student:
  • Enter “Full” for 1600 Minutes.
  • Enter “Half” for 800 Minutes.
  • Enter “10K” for 400 Minutes
  1. Upload Students (the completed CSV) and Click Save
  2. Go to “View Students” and select the Team via dropdown to ensure all members have been recorded
  3. Add additional/new batches of kids (or individual kids) to the team at any time using these instructions
  4. Review the list of your teams and number of students on each via “View Teams.” Add a new team at any time and follow the same instructions

Begin Logging Minutes on October 11

NEW FOR 2022 – Even after your child cross the Finish Line, they should Keep Reading to compete to be a State Champion! The child who reads the most minutes in each state from October 11-November 6 will be awarded this brand new championship. 

Email: with any questions.